Count On Us for Deodorization and Fumigation Services in the Lubbock, TX Area

Treat Your Property for Contaminants and Odors

After suffering flood or water damage, your rooms could have a strange smell or be hosting harmful contaminants. Get fumigation or deodorization services from Falcon Flood Services. Our team will disinfect your residential or commercial property with an antimicrobial chemical and fumigate it to get rid of pests. We can also use hydroxyls and ozone to eliminate odor and improve indoor air quality.

Don't let water damage invite bad smells or pests into your home. Call 806-724-6113 ASAP to get a free estimate on deodorization or fumigation services in the Lubbock, TX area.

3 things to know about fumigating or deodorizing your property

3 things to know about fumigating or deodorizing your property

Professional fumigation or deodorization services can help make your space more comfortable for living or working. Before we start the job, here are a few things you should know:

  1. You can choose to use a machine or chemicals to fumigate your room
  2. A machine is less expensive and provides quick turnaround times
  3. Chemical sprays take about 30 minutes to administer, and you must leave the property
Our crew will help you pick the best method for your space. Learn more about deodorization and fumigation services when you get in touch with us today.